Traceability of all your Inventory & Products in real time using QR codes or RFID tags for your Supply Chain & Sales teams. Get the Last mile visibility of your Inventory - know who your actual consumers are! Empower your consumers to ‘Trace the Source’ of your products for them to make informed decisions.

Custom Elmarqr Tags

Consolidate and Digitize Inventory using your own corporate branded custom ElmarQR codes or RFID tags.

Farm to Home Traceability

We combine our proprietary algorithms with operational and geospatial data to create a Digital Supply Chain with real time overview on your Inventory from Farm to Home.

Last Mile Visibility

Know who your actual end consumer is! Get the visibility and intelligence you always wanted.

Know the Source

Empower your Customers to know the source of your products. Let them make an informed choice. Share your best practices and quality standards.

Real time Intelligence

Provide real-time overview on every step in your overall process for any dynamic movement of material.

Reports & Analytics

Get built-in & custom reports for optimizing your processes, demand forecasting and much more by leveraging Data analytics.

How It Works?

List All Assets

Connect to ElmarQR

Integrate using APIs or do a Bulk upload of your Inventory data

Tag Your Asset

Tag your Inventory

Tag your Inventory on a Batch, Lot or Unit level with custom ElmarQR tags. Have a choice of using QR Code or RFID stickers


Scan, Manage and More!

Scan ElmarQR tags with your own Smartphones or custom Scanners.