Engage with Customers to increase Retention, Lifetime Value & Accelerate Revenue Growth. Get feedback & ratings right at the point of experience. Work on them and delight your customers!

Know Your Customer

Do you have a Last mile visibility of your products? Do you know who your end consumers really are?

Get Ratings & Feedback

Engage with your customers. Get direct Feedback & Ratings right at the point of experience. Work on them and delight your customers.

Improve NPS

Improve your Net Promoter Score. Guage your customers overall satisfaction with your products and service. Make them your loyal customers!

Increase LTV

Acquiring a new customer is significantly more expensive than keeping one. Engage with your existing ones and improve your customer Lifetime Value!

Increase Retention

Customer retention and word of mouth have a notable impact on your bottom line. Happy customers become loyal customers, loyal customers become brand advocates.

Real-time CX Analytics

Leveraging Customer Experience Data analytics to improve your products and services further. Build your Customer Happiness Index!

How It Works?

List All Assets

Integrate & Print ElmarQR tag on your Products or Service

Take a note of all your assets and create an Asset register. It is your one-stop-shop for all things assets across your organisation! Categorise them by their type and other atrributes. Make the details available for the tagging process.

Tag Your Asset

Scan the QR code

Your customers can scan the QR code with their own smartphone. No additional hardware needed.


Get Feedback, Ratings & More!

Receive real-time Ratings (5 stars) and feedback on your products or service directly from your end consumers!