What is Asset Lifecycle Management?

6 R's of Asset Lifecycle Management

Smart management of Assets right from Recquisition to Retirement for both Owned and Leased assets is not just a nice to have process but a necessity in today's connected digital world with Business, IT and Audit implications!
An efficient management of Assets can help save yourself from surprises by avoiding writeoffs, avoid duplicate purchases, be compliant, get valuable insights, maximize uptime, reduce the cost of hardware by pro-actively tracking the life-cycle of each device and ensuring they are being used optimally up to their end of life.

How It Works?

List All Assets

List & Categorise your Assets

Take a note of all your assets and create an Asset register. It is your one-stop-shop for all things assets across your organisation! Categorise them by their type and other atrributes. Make the details available for the tagging process.

Tag Your Asset

Generate & Tag custom ElmarQR codes for each Asset

Take the details of all your assets and categorise them according to their type, value and based on other attributes like locations etc. You can give custom ElmarQR codes or RFID tags and link group assets (parent & child). You can attach an image of the asset along with documents like Warranties, AMC, Invoice, Receipts etc. We then help generate a unique ElmarQR code for each asset.


Track, Trace, Manage & More

After tagging your assets, you can assign and track assignee details for both owned & leased assets. Get alerts, notifications to stay informed on the details of your Assets.

Why Choose ElmarQR?

Intelligence Inside ElmarQR is a result of unmet need of enterprises in managing their Assets intelligently & efficiently with incremental innovation. While you focus on building your business, we put deep technology at work, to take care of your Software & Hardware Assets. .

Custom ElmarQR Tags

Consolidate and Digitize all Assets & Inventory spread across your organization using your custom ElmarQR codes, RFID tags. Know What, Where, When of all your Assets.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Smart management of Assets right from Acquisition to Retirement for both Owned & Leased assets.

Best-in-class Security

Meeting your organization's stringent data confidentiality, privacy and security requirements.

Reports & Analytics

Get built-in & Custom reports with valuable insights for a complete Assets overview across your organisation. Optimize your IT programs, forecast future expenses and much more.

Dedicated Tech Support

Our World class product backed with dedicated support: We are always there and hearing.

Access to Value added Services

We make access to on-demand Value added services like Asset Audits, Maintenance, Recycle and Disposal etc just how they should be - simple, easy and hassle-free.


Our ecosystem driven "Zero Downtime" solution for Enterprises creating a one-stop-shop for all things Assets - from Acquisition to Retirement enables managing every aspect across the entire lifecycle of an asset, right from our platform! A single screen to monitor and manage all your assets.

Custom Elmarqr Tags

Consolidate and Digitize physical assets using your own corporate branded custom ElmarQR codes or RFID tags.


Elmarqr Asset Intelligence Platform combines our proprietary algorithms with operational and geospatial data to give a real time overview on your Assets.

Our Dedicated Support

World class Product backed with awesome Support: We are always there and hearing. Drop us a line on any issue.

Alerts & Notifications

Allows creating alerts with respect to Warranty, Service Contracts, AMC etc to ensure compliance with any sort of leasing or servicing .

Asset Audit Trail

Provide real-time overview & reconciliation for Owned or Leased equipments including tracking returnable date or for assigning to other Users.

Smart Analytics & Reports

Get built-in & custom reports for Assets overview. Optimize IT programs, forecast future expenses and much more by leveraging Data analytics.

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